Branding and retail outlets - a project aimed at establishing and maintaining brand leadership positions in the Ukrainian market. Constant visual contact with the outdoor advertising in areas of sales, increased sales volume, increases the brand awareness and loyalty to his customers.

     Proper organization of the project "Branding outlets" allows for long-term booking of advertising space, eliminating the opportunity for competitors.

     Outdoor advertising, direct sales points, one of the most productive areas in the advertising market. At present, even superior to advertising in the media, internet, TV and radio, as the consumer will go to favorite store, regardless of whether it contains advertising material. Consumer harder to avoid contact with the outdoor advertising directly to retail outlets, as opposed to other sources.

     Group of companies «ArtLife» offers an integrated project "Branding the outlets on the territory of Ukraine.

For the project, «ArtLife» uses the following human resources:

1. Qualified marketers who have experience of similar projects.
2. Department of Graphic Design, which employs creative designers with experience in outdoor advertising and publishing.
3. Technology department of outdoor advertising. They are specialists who determine the technical possibilities of branding point of sale (material, mounting, etc.), are estimates and calculations.
4. Specialists in outdoor advertising, whose qualification allows for signage and installation of any complexity, as well as their installation.
5. Analysts project.

Technical Resources «ArtLife»:

1. Typography «ArtLife» working on equipment that meets modern requirements for quality and complexity of the print.
When you print using only quality supplies - it promotes long service life of finished products. Employees printing constantly working to improve the production process and improvement of printing technology.
Park printing equipment consists of such leading manufacturers as: DGI, Seiko, Roland, Seal, Schultz, Leister.
2. Group of companies «ArtLife» partnered with advertising and production companies in all regions of Ukraine, which allows us to implement projects on a national scale.
3. Special attention should be a database management system (DBMS) «AL-Base», developed by the company «ArtLife» to optimize the project. The database allows you to control the process of branding at all stages of production.

Exclusive feature that allows a number of other companies, is a combination of the following qualities:

  •      The rich experience of conducting similar projects on a national scale;
  •      Flexibility. Respond quickly to changing tasks in the project;
  •      Simultaneous combination of different activities of the company that can accelerate the process of branding;
  •      Team spirit, dedication work;
  •      Improvement and optimization of existing projects, as well as development of new ones.

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