Large Format Printing

       Large format printing is used for all kinds of outdoor advertising: from banners, banners and billboards and ending window dressing, banners and pasting transport.

Large format printing is divided into two types:

       The exterior seal (outside printing). The peculiarity of this type of printing - low cost. Printing is carried out up to 720 dpi. Well suited for the manufacture of billboards, banners - advertising media, which are considered from a distance, and, therefore, raster printing problems with low resolution, not noticeable. If the advertising medium is at a close distance, it is desirable to use a higher resolution external printing, such as 1440 dpi.

Large Format Printer DGI 3204TInterior printer Seiko 64s

       The interior print  is characterized by a high-resolution printing and color fidelity that allows you to receive almost photographic image. Printing is carried out up to 1440 dpi. Interior printing applied to interior decoration, exhibition displays, points of sale inside the malls, offices, companies as well as his own apartment. In the interior printing uses an environmentally friendly solvent (ink).

       Eco-solvent printing - a printing eco-solvent inks that are resistant to fading in the sun for a long time, and resistant to various weather conditions. Eco-solvent - Ecological solvent has no unpleasant odor, non-toxic, which allows the use of eco-solvent printing in any room, even in such areas as children's rooms.

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