Printing posters

      This kind of printing products, mostly large-format single-sided. Poster designed for visual communication and mounted on a wall or other vertical surface.

Printing of posters, calendars

      Promotional calendars are among the few promotional gifts that stay with clients for a long time.

Print flyers

    Flyers - this Pocketbook, odnolistovoe print publication advertising and informational content. In many cases, bright attractive leaflets may be the most effective and compelling way to communicate advertising information to consumers.


Business cards

      Business card today - not just the subject's image, but a necessity. Business card will help at the right moment to recall your customers, clients, potential employers, or even just an acquaintance.

Print Directory

      Directories represent the most informative products and services. They provide detailed information on the activities of the firm.

Booklet Printing

      Booklet - a single sheet of paper, folded (folded) several times. The three main components of the booklet: visual imagery, data block that describes the product and contact information.


Print Menu

      The menu is an obligatory attribute of every cafe, bar or restaurant. It should confirm all kind delicacy of dishes and drinks, match the style and aura of the institution.

Printing on T-shirts, caps, any clothing and textiles

     T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, shirts, caps, flags, bandanas, shirts, jackets, Panama with your logo, the words will certainly become an advertising representative business card. Printing is carried out through the following ways:

  • thermal transfer onto the fabric
  • flex, flock
  • screen printing.

     Prints on textiles with the help of thermal transfer - the strengths of this method: print any image, photo or logo with any color palette without losing any detail.

     Flex, flock (a film with a velvet fabric cover) - is a special film that are cut exactly along the contour of the figure, it is the most expensive and most abrasion method of printing on t-shirts, almost eternal and can withstand washing at 90 ° C. The advantages of flex - imitation print in gold, silver, glowing in the dark image.

      T-shirt printing by screen printing - in this case, each color (if more than one) is applied alternately. Advantages - this is the minimum price, but for large print runs (50 pieces), the greater the circulation, the lower price.

Print on cups

      All sorts of images on cups - is a fast and effective way to express yourself: print logos, labels, images of a new product that lets your company, advertising slogans, lighting anniversaries and events. And if you want to congratulate a loved one with a holiday - no better gift than drawing pictures on the cup can not come up! Printing photos on mugs will delight friends and family, colleagues and classmates.

      Printing is performed on plates with a special lacquer finish. Photo or logo on these mugs is not washed off, does not burn, such cups for everyday use in the home without restriction. Circulation of 10 pieces, can be an urgent print on the cup for 10 minutes, is suitable for any domestic use, print any pictures.

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