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      Design showcase is an important means of market positioning the brand and the formation of the consumer required representations about the range and quality of products and services. Application of text or images on display is the most economical form of outdoor advertising.

      Showcase - is not only presentation of goods in the store, this is the first impression of the store, which remains permanently. Attractive window dressing increases the chance that a visitor to become your customer. Depending on the design solutions you can use the film with full-color images (product images, plot design), perforated film One Way Vision, which allow you to see the image on the front side and do not close completely visible inside the building, stained glass film, etc.

      Window dressing is made with vinyl film - the image is cut plotter or wide-format printing method is applied. Because of this, window dressing and facades can contain literally any graphics and combine all the desired colors. For a more sophisticated design showcases and other elements of the facades are used for outdoor advertising. For example, there may well be a combination of design showcases the film and the neon signs, or bulk items made of plastic and Plexiglas.

      Festive window dressing becomes relevant to the New Year, March 8, Sept. 1. Think about what will be the new year window dressing in advance. You can order the design for the New Year's window dressing for us, or provide ready-made layouts. We are engaged in projects for the holiday window dressing of any complexity.

An example of window dressing 1

An example of window dressing 2

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