Branding of vehicles

     The bright, colorful and dynamic advertising vehicles - is the perfect solution to increase awareness of your brand! Advertising on transport - one of the most emotional and effective for market promotion. Advertising on transport has long duration of the impact on consumers, which increases the memorability of the advertising information and serves as an excellent way to attract the attention of your potential customers.

    The main advantages of branding vehicles:

  • the dynamics around the city;
  • the coverage of a variety of target audiences;
  • positive aesthetic appreciation;
  • relatively low cost of advertising exposure.

     Our company offers the following services for branding of vehicles:

  • branding of cars;
  • branding of buses;
  • branding trucks.

      Branding of vehicles - a comprehensive service including:

  • developing new or adapting existing design;
  • the best possible combination of technologies and materials for the project branding vehicle;
  • production of high quality transport graphics - printing with lamination and / or plotter cutting;
  • prepare a car for branding: the dismantling of old films, training places under the application of the new film;
  • drawing pictures on the surface of car.
  • the organization places (boxes) for the installation work on branding.

     «ArtLife Group Company» has partnered with the advertising and production companies in all regions of Ukraine, which allows us to implement projects on a national scale.

     The technologies used branding of vehicles:
1. Print image on self-adhesive film the desired shape and size, followed by lamination to protect against adverse weather conditions and extended service life:

  • Printing on high-precision printers, DGI (Korea) with a resolution of 720 dpi.
  • Lamination on the equipment Kala (France).

2. Drawing application for brendiruemy car by cutting plotter (applies to logos, individual letters of the elements and other icons):

  • Use cutting plotter Roland (Japan).


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