Manufacturing brandmauers

     Brandmauer - large-scale mural advertising design. Is a metal structure, mounted on one side of a building or structure on which is stretched fabric with a special banner advertisement image.

     Purpose brandmauers canvases - the maximum mass audience to draw attention to remember the consumer brand advertisers, quality products company, creating positive associations, preferences, creating demand for advertised products and encourage customers, including the potential to make purchases.

     The large size of the advertising image, the visibility of advertising at a great distance, the possibility of unconventional solutions, accommodation at selected points - all of these benefits increase the attractiveness for advertisers, not only due to the formation of the exclusive opinions about the advertised product, but also in relation to mislead consumers special treatment to the company-manufacturer:"This company has exclusive features, so it is necessary to remember her trademark, pay special attention to the manufactured under this brand name products..."



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