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     High-quality advertising - one of the factors of modern business development. At a time when we are surrounded by a variety of species, the most effective recognized - outdoor advertising.

     One of the most common mistakes designers when dealing with outdoor advertising - ignoring the specifics of the media. As a result, advertising is losing its effectiveness, or not working at all, causing a no-confidence.

     Nature of the advertising message depends largely on the means of distribution. Factors influencing the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, in addition to creative projects include poster design, implementation ideas.

     To create a competent and effective outdoor advertising there is a "five commandments".

     The first rule, which requires the unconditional implementation - three seconds. " Advertising should be designed to attract interest in a person whose attention is only the ultimate goal. Due to time constraints, the potential consumer, to become acquainted with the advertising slogans are not acceptable long and intricate designs.

     The second feature of this type of advertising, it's a remote distance from the consumer. In this connection, the labels must be large and readable, and image contrast.

     The following three factors are distracting attention from the advertising are interrelated - the environment, natural light and changing seasons. In accordance with the surrounding poster shapes, colors and sizes, creating enough colorful background necessary to be attentive to color and detail of the image.

     One of the main tasks of the designer becomes the allocation of a poster on the surrounding background.

     However, being carried away by the technical realization, one should not forget about the idea, because first of all advertising effectiveness depends directly on it.

     One of the most ambitious in the number of consumers at present is outdoor advertising. Her daily sees many potential customers who pass or pass by signs, banners or other advertising media.

     Thus, the outdoor advertising - is the success of your business.

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