Preparation of an international summit

     Continuing cooperation with PRofi, one of the leading companies whose main activity is the organization of concerts, festivals, presentations, public events, social and political actions, the company Artlife received an order to print banners.

     Thus, in extreme terms were printed three banner sizes 17 x 5 m each, for an international summit on safe and innovative use of nuclear energy, dated the 25 th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. At an international summit are expected to attend about 60 foreign delegations. As part of these delegations will be as important a person as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium, UN Secretary-General, the President of the Republic of Hungary, President of the Swiss Confederation, the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

     Fulfillment of an order for such an important and responsible actions, says the reliability and timeliness of the company Artlife.

     The advantage of working with us is:

  •     Own a powerful modern industrial base
  •     Quality guarantee
  •     Shortest lead times
  •     Clock work production
  •     Express delivery to Ukraine

    We will make every effort to fulfill all orders on time!

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