Printing Enhancements

     Park shop large format printing company ArtLife replenished with new equipment, which can significantly enhance our capabilities to meet customer needs.

    So, to present to your attention the wide-format printer for indoor printing HP DESIGNJET 9000s (country of production - Japan). Technical capabilities of the machine provides the ability to produce printed materials of the highest photographic quality. Printing is carried out with a resolution of 1440dpi.

    Used ecosolvent ink is odorless and harmful to health of substances allow the use of manufactured materials in the interior of dwellings (Desktop, plaques, signs).

    Interior printing with 1440 dpi is used to print photographic quality at high resolution. It is for indoor: wall posters, and advertisements in the windows of shops, restaurants, light panels at trade shows and presentations. The image must be a cold, saturated, bright and clear and should convey the slightest details of the source file. All of this can be achieved with the use of special printing and Production Solutions, as well as quality supplies.

Main advantages:

  •     High-quality printing;
  •     High speed;
  •     A wide range of print materials: vinyl, adhesive film, paper, banner fabric, textiles;
  •     Stability of up to 3 years;
  •     Built-in winding of the printed image;
  •     Built-in system cleaning and refilling ink;
  •     Stability of the print to the outer influences (moisture, UV, scratch);
  •     Modified 1,5 CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black + Cyan, Magenta;
  •     4 independent drying system (Front / print / rear / Postprinting) controlled by electronics;
  •     512 nozzles per color, total number - 3,072 nozzles.

Seiko 64s

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